A Grammar Of Vision

by Support Force

My spirit never lost its charm If my spirit stays or goes so soon it depends on If I'm here in an absent way Subtle as the interstate Don't put your hands up Absolute day time Absolute day light Absolutely, alright Like I'd know
(free) 03:31
There is material within my body that we can use to build a fire We can place what's left of me against the curb and watch the gutters blow my mind You can't shake your history if you try to trace the seam in the cloth Will this silk-like apathy still be here when my youth wears off? As much as sand - all that surrounds is sticking to your skin, spreading in your palms, Thick as emotion. Give me a place and time I'll bring a commotion worth any appetite. I know the message, read it in the parts soon as the whole expired I still rely on meaning but I'll figure it out as soon as I underline what gets me inspired. And all that she can have is worth her soft skin but I'm biased to one point of view We can ask around but I heard they saw it hiding with the pain you choose. And it's thick as emotion that I've never seen, Guess I took myself too seriously while I watched it ignite so curiously - Though it all feels like deja vu, still, what does it mean when you get quiet if we talk about love? Honey don't lie, not now. From the bottom. I had a dream and there was nothing in it but images that emitted strange sounds, and when I woke I went straight to my window, watched the busy street that shakes my house. Anything that comes I need it.
(free) 03:50
It is not what I swore it all could be, like Cola, simple, and the taste of dry air, and I should stop guessing while asleep but right now I'm feeling oh so right. And sworn by observations so concrete like who I am or how I felt - the pale skin or the loss of sight. Homeless or an idea set free, like Cola, just lie and take the life. When I was born I thought about the air. When I was afraid I thought about the air. And how He lost it, he knows its gone, at the length of a long time. But it's something about the dark that makes me feel charmed, it's a promise unto no one else. The curious wave that is now just a cage and the arrogance of wanting them to feel that it's So, so, so holy. Do not make your body so tense in the water - Like I said, you'll be fine, like I said you'll be fine, like I said you'll be fine. I've held my face with both my hands and let it take its shape. It's something in the way you said, shifting from beneath the stairs, acting like I know its wrong but it seems all so right. As if I had it to lose. As if I had it back again - you'll be fine. Like I said. It just seems soaked and serene, its figure lost.
(free) 04:53
If it will, or if it won't. Complications let me know. Raise it high, claim it truth. There is no one here to lose - have you seen this all before? It's not news. Forming habits, forced to choose. Sleep until you can find something better for your time. If a sound was your sea vulcan action sets you free. Drench the soil with your knees, boring nightmares stop your need. Back then I knew it well - it hardly came before my own digestion of what shade chooses to ignore. And how I spent my time moving like a stream (oh how those days ran dry), content with being calm I hardly even heard how the pages cried. I'm learning that I should know that it didn't even matter anyway and all you have now is how often you claim your own beneath the weight of the process that seems that seems so difficult. An apology to the past, and it didn't even matter anyway, and all you have now is an apartment you can't call home and boxes of things that you will give away on street corners. But back when you always knew what you had to do honesty in all ideas you'd choose Better than the spring better in the night better wrong than right better here than in a dream.



**MP3s of "Untitled" and "Unholy" are only available with purchases of the 7" vinyl.

For an instant download of the 6 free songs: tiny.cc/b3fgcw


released April 3, 2012

SUPPORT FORCE is Booth Willson, Douglas Smith, Johnny Magdaleno, Nick Laurich.

"Untitled" and "Unholy" recorded, engineered by Tim Shrout at Badlands (Portland, OR). Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering Studios (Portland, OR).

"Hello" (1 and 8), "Don't Lie", "Cyril Koestinger" recorded by Kegan Creed at The Free Pile and The Hooker House (Portland, OR). Mastered by Ryan Magdaleno (Hollywood, CA).

"Tense In The Water" and "This Machine Kills Folk Music" recorded by Johnny Magdaleno. Mastered by Ryan Magdaleno.

High Scores and Records 2012.


all rights reserved



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